We offer the following services:

  • Dog Walking- We can exercise your canine companion at any mutually agreed upon time: morning, midday, evening, weekends, etc. We offer at least a 20 minute walk, (generally longer if possible) fresh water and treats. Playtime, feeding, meds and brushing if desired. Of course, lots of petting, love and praise are free!
  • Cat Sitting- We will play and visit with your feline friend for 20 minutes. We will scoop box, feed and water as necessary as well as brush if you like. And as usual, lots of petting, love and praise are free!
  • Overnight Pet Sitting- Schedule permitting, we can stay with your pets overnight for $50 from 8PM to 8AM. We will water plants, take in the mail and newspaper and turn off/on lights. Walking fees during the day still apply, if you need 3 walks while away, it is an additional $30 for one pet, $24 for a second and $15 for a third daily.
  • We do not offer pick up and drop off service at this time, except for an emergency while your pet is in our care. We will have all your pets information on file including their vet’s name and number, an emergency clinic close by and contact information for a trusted neighbor or family friend. See the “About Us” section.
  • Small animal care available for furry and feathered friends only. Sorry, no reptiles!

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